Rise Up From The Ashes

Life is full of challenges and upsets, let-downs and disappointments. Full of trauma and setback, adversity and heartbreak. The fact is. Life can deal some hard blows.

I have studied successful people all my life in many fields of endeavour. I have published their life stories. Studied their tendencies. Observed their trials and the unspoken moments of their dark side… human as they are. And sometimes folks…when you have a swim in the sewer…you don’t come out smelling of lavender.

These people have often charged full on into their ambitions, their relationships, their missions, and their objectives…..with a passion burn that holds no boundaries.

And they hit walls, falter, fail, and get cleaned out. But they are not of this world. They refuse to divert from the path of their destiny. From the truth in their heart. And in their soul.

With these people it’s as if the trials and tribulations of life are only sent to toughen the sinews. Only sent to harden and mortify the attitude and the resolution. They achieve their objective…or they die trying. And in most instance the heightened level of their greatness and their accomplishments is in direct correlation to their previous levels of destitution and despair. The quote by Manly Hall was a good one…People who have always mismanaged their private affairs are ready to take over the destiny of worlds.?

In their journey their tribulations bring powers of the soul and the spirit into their life that the layman knows nothing of. Intangible forces that ignite their passions, desires, and courage that defy the odds, and cast the world aghast with their greatness.

But it is from their depth of despair that they rise. From their witnessing of atrocity. From their pain and experience of loss. From their loss of love. From their ashes that they emerge.

You see folks…attitude is paramount…and that which doesn’t kill you, will only make you stronger. So you have options. You can use your setbacks and challenges and problems as either resentments or awful things that you could do without. Or as opportunities to grow and mature and toughen up. As an opportunity to scream to the heavens that which you yearn for.

An opportunity to rise from the ashes…where the world and all the people that were in it…will remember your name.

From personal trial, tribulation, adversity and adventure “Heart Whisperer” philosophies were born in one David Grice.