Will They Remember Your Name?

I went to a movie a while ago called Nine? The lead was Daniel Day Lewis. In this movie he was a famous movie director who was set to release a new film. He played people along… holding back on releasing the script…because he never had one. He was bereft of inspiration, ideas, and imagination. He was caught up in his world of womanising, deceit and lies…and it had caused him to become stuck in quicksand. Unable to move. Unable to think. Unable to create. He was so famous yet he was nothing. Lost in the woods without a compass. The carnage caused through his debauchery had immobilised him…rendering him impassioned and lifeless. He felt empty. Yet he was still great. He was a victim of his own life. Of his own brilliance. Of his own gifts.

One cannot condone his behaviour. And there are lessons to learn. In that if we are productive and honest in some ways but not in others, then we will not progress to the promiseland. You cannot stand still in some ways and move forward in others. As humans we will not be good at many things…yet we need not be. We need to just be very good at one thing and if we focus on this thing we will be fine. And the lesson is simple. Do not insult your gifts and dissipate your chances of greatness by opting for soft options in other areas of your life. He had a wife…who he loved. He lost her. Along with all the others. Some left him. Others he had to leave.

History is riddled with great people who left their mark on the world from the brilliant exercising of their gift. Yet like all of us …they are or were not perfect. And the masses and media pull them to pieces when they stumble. Musicians, actors, actresses…golfers? It is perhaps difficult to excuse people when so many look up to them. When they set the bar and therefore must accommodate certain responsibilities. But might I say this…when extreme achievement and greatness is pursued in one certain direction…then there will be carnage many times when other areas of a life are neglected or abused. Processes of discharge are at times intrinsic to achieving the objective. The wildest colts make the best horses folks. And there often isn’t any picture perfect way to smash your way to outrageous accomplishment. You’ve going to be heading out of your zone. And if the pressure isn’t visible in the chosen vocation. Then it might eventually shine through in other areas of the life. But you know…so what.

Before people point the finger at others, they should ask themselves… what have they done with their life? Living in their cossie inhibited little worlds. Should it be that people are ONLY allowed to achieve great things if they do it in a picture perfect error free PC manner. Get real! Accept yourself and others…warts and all. Mistakes are evidence of attempt. And admire people for their gifts…you want people to forgive you for your imperfections?…then accept them for theirs. Look at yourself first. If you don’t stand for something you’ll fall for anything! Get off your chuff and have a go yourself before you run people down who try and don’t measure up in your eyes. The chatter of the masses…. You want to know how your life will be measured. 100 years after you’ve gone…what will they say about you? Will they remember you? Well believe this…they’ll remember Michael Jackson and Tiger Woods.

From personal trial, tribulation, adversity and adventure “Heart Whisperer” philosophies were born in one David Grice.


Make Your Emotions Ice

We live in a world where we are softened and conditioned in many ways. Processes of fear and conformity surround us everywhere and keep us bound within our comfort zone where a life of mediocrity is the destiny of most.

Our actions are dictated by our habits, our head, our heart, and our feelings. Results in our work, our sport, and our life are determined by our perception. We flit hot and cold on our desires and our success is fleeting because we get uncomfortable with the tasks that are necessary to achieve worthwhile objectives….they involve talking to strangers? (which Mummy said we should never do) or taking a stand? (which is really scary as everyone is watching you) or feeling a little pain or fear or doubt (which is just awful).

The mind can be trained to have a presence that encompasses all necessary personal power to accomplish any mission. The heart is king. The mind is actually stupid. It matters not what the information is that it is fed…it just takes it on as its reality. In other words…you become what you think about. You have the choice of who you want to be. You can literally change your life by simply deciding to alter the information input into your mind. How do you do this? Simple. Affirmations.

So who would you be if you could be anyone you wanted? A warrior or a wimp? An inspiration or a desperation? A magnet or a dead fish? A statement of toughness or a statement of weak endeavour?

Once deciding who you want to be then you can get to work. Firstly you need to select 5 affirmations (examples below). You then breath them, talk them, walk them, sing them, think them, write them over and over and over again. We talk to ourselves at 800 words a minute. So believe me you can hammer the info into the subconscious through affirmations.

You then go about your business. There will be no great change for 30 days. Then it will all take a foothold.

Then your emotions will become ice? Doesn’t mean you won’t be kind, have feelings, or passion. It just means you will be unaffected by the distractions of your day. You will be ruthlessly consistent, outrageously disciplined, have unlimited courage, and as tough a person as you could ever imagine.

What do you want to do…. wallow in your timid processes forever…. Get off your seat and apply yourself. Fear is a coward. You don’t get in life what you want. You don’t keep in life what you have. You get and keep in life What you are?

Make your emotions ice. And your stillness will become your personal power that will serve you for the accomplishment of any objective.

Here is a list of suggested affirmations. Choose 5 and get to work. God bless. Gricey

Courage; I have unlimited courage

Hunter; I hunt like a wolf for my next order

Discipline; I have outrageous discipline

Ruthless; I am ruthlessly professional

Still; I am still and calm at all times

Ice; My emotions are ice

Passion; My passion is unequalled

Magnetic; I attract to myself everything I choose

Imagination; I am connected to all things

Loyalty; My company’s mission is my own

Toughness; My toughness is unsurpassed

Resilient; My adaptability is supreme

Consistent; I am clinical with my work habits

Relentless; I never give up

Kind; I care for people

Fair; My sense of justice always prevails

Attitude; I thrive on challenge and opportunity

Wealth; I attract and manage wealth

From personal trial, tribulation, adversity and adventure “Heart Whisperer” philosophies were born in one David Grice.