About Us

“A catalyst for maximising your full potential”

‘The meaning of life is to find your gift…the purpose of life is to give it away’ Pablo Picasso. From your gifts to your fears…from your dreams to your challenges… the Heart Whisperer is aimed at delivering a constant source of material and services in different ways to provide you with information that you can lean on and be inspired by to assist you to live life to your full potential.

From personal trial, tribulation, adversity and adventure “Heart Whisperer” philosophies were born in one David Grice…now 55, born in Christchurch, New Zealand, David broke away from tradition and the establishment by first publishing the ‘Inspirator International’ for 12 years in 22 countries, printed in 3 languages.

Hence the search and development of raw-hide cutting edge material began. Now, after 32 years, the collation continues. Many times, the material has been put to the test as Grice ventured often into public speaking and sporting circles, armed with nothing but the power of the spoken word, in an attempt to lift people, teams and organisations up to the demands of their highest aspirations.

Positive results now see David expand his audience via this website. He has achieved success assisting sports clubs throughout Christchurch where his own three sons have played at the highest level in two sporting codes. Much of this material is unique and outside the parameters of more traditional material. It is upfront and directly aimed at the core issues and requirements of great achievement.

The mission and integrity of this website and it’s marketing has the interests of mankind at heart. It is a project on making people aware that have ‘choice’ and they have ‘gifts’, that they more power than they could ever dream, and that it’s time they stopped settling for anything less than their greatness deserves.

David Grice is available as a speaker at conferences, seminars, sales offices, companies, sporting organisations and sporting teams. His delivery is complete with cutting edge inspirational stories, his original poetry, techniques for change and power packed information that can assist people to break the chains of their existing level of performance towards the highest level of achievement and accolade.

His 30 minute delivery has no set fee attached. He simply asks that people pay him what they think he is worth. In sport….if the team doesn’t win….then there is no obligation to pay. If they win, then again, he asks that people pay him what they think he is worth.

David Grice is also available as a personal mentor providing exclusive advice and tips on any topic whether it be heartbreak or work success. Feel free to contact David at: